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Sid Vishnoi


I’m Sid, a passionate software engineer and full-stack web developer with a knack for front-end development. Fueled by a passion for technology, I embarked on my self-taught developer journey 12 years ago, and I haven’t stopped learning since.

I leverage my expertise in modern web development principles to build performant and interactive web applications, with a commitment to creating accessible user experiences.

I’m a quick learner with a proficiency in various programming languages and frameworks, and I’m always eager to explore new technologies.

For the past 2.5+ years, I’ve been a founding engineer at Monetized.link (and Keyosk.co), leading the full-stack development of a no-code paywall platform.
I owned the entire development lifecycle, including designing complex features like multi-tenant architecture, providing insights to creators and admins, and integrating Stripe & Web3 (Ethereum) protocols. Built with SvelteKit/TailwindCSS/TypeScript for a smooth user experience, Firebase for backend power, ElasticSearch and Redis for fast search, and Google Cloud for a scalable foundation.
Besides pushing my technical boundaries, this project allowed me to showcase my ability to deliver intricate functionalities that provide a pleasant user experience.

Some history: I’ve been coding since nearly 2009 and decided to take on software development professionally in 2016.
In 2018, I was a Google Summer of Code scholar for Mozilla. Since then, I’ve continued to be an active contributor in the open-source community, where I focused on bringing new tools and services widely used at the W3C. I presented my W3C tooling-related work at W3C TPAC 2019 in Fukuoka, Japan. In 2020, I was awarded the Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) award to work on the same project.
Later, I was selected as the first technical scholar by Grant for the Web, where I prototyped WebMonetization API in Firefox.

Some normal human behavior: To balance out my work in software development, I find it refreshing to unplug and connect with nature through activities like hiking, stargazing, or tending to my rooftop garden.

PS: You may see me referred to as Sudhanshu Vishnoi in some places – that’s my legal name!