Sid Vishnoi

Software Engineer / Web Developer

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Work Experience

Monetized - Full-Stack Developer

End-to-end development of /, a no-code paywall platform for publishers. Building a multi-tenant SvelteKit powered frontend, with GCP, Firebase, ElasticSearch on backend; and managing content purchases and creators payouts via Stripe; Web3 support; and a lot of devops.

Grant for the Web - Technical Scholar

Implemented Web Monetization API (a proposed Web Standard) prototype in Mozilla Firefox to help develop a reference implementation and provide feedback to the specification.

Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) Program

ReSpec is a publication system in which W3C Standards are written. As the core maintainer, I developed new features, overhauled the project documentation, and contributed to various specifications.

Chegg - Software Development Engineer Internship

UI engineer for Chegg Prep, working with React, TypeScript, CSS in JS and Node.js. Boosted performance of and made site mobile friendly. Developed multiple internal tools, involving UI design, ticket automation and integration with internal APIs.

Mozilla - Google Summer of Code Internship

During my internship, I developed new features in ReSpec with a focus on UX, automation and maintainability.


[email protected]


Masters in Computer Applications

University of Delhi

B.Sc. Physics (H)

University of Delhi


  • MOSS grantee for 2020.
  • Attended W3C TPAC 2019.
  • Winner at Facebook Developer Circles Challenge 2017.
  • Developed video game patches that gained over 100K followers on Facebook.

Technical Exposure

  • Programming Languages: C++, Python, Rust
  • Web Development
    • JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js
    • HTML; CSS, Sass, CSS in JS
    • React, Svelte, HyperHTML
  • Cloud & Automation: AWS, Google Cloud, Cloudflare, GitHub Actions, Docker


Marcos Cáceres
WebKit Standards and Interop
[email protected]